Fiend's Summer Vacation Page 
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The following links point to photos that I took during my long summer vacation to Great Britain, Ireland, and Central Europe.  The camera used was a Olympus Infinity Mini DLX with 200 speed film.  I took over 540 pictures while on vacation but I've only scanned in about 120 of them.  The quality of the photos is not too bad considering I had to skimp on resolution to save space and load times.

The pictures will be subdivided into eleven separate pages which is more than enough to challenge my sanity.  Accompanying the pictures will be a bit of commentary and thoughts from the journal that I maintained.  Keep in mind that the trip was over five weeks long so there are going to be a lot of details missing.

June 4th - June 7th; England
June 7th - June 11th; Scotland
June 11th - June 14th; England, Wales
June 15th - June 16th; Ireland
June 17th - 19th; Ireland
June 21st - 23rd; Belgium, Germany
June 23rd-24th; Czech Republic
June 25th-27th; Austria, Hungary
June 28th-30th; Poland
June 30th-July 4th; Poland, Germany
July 10th-14th; Canada

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