June 23rd - June 24th; Czech Republic

Prague; Old Town
Too bad my other night photos of the old town section didn't come
out the.  The area had a lot of atmosphere at night.  There are a few
photos below taken during the day but it was quite a sight to see
those building lighted at night.

Prague; Royal Palace
This was at the Castle Square and there was huge crowd to watch the
hourly changing of the guard.

Prague; Courtyard
All of the buildings I saw in this area were in excellent condition and
everything was extremely neat and clean.  The crowds were very
thick and it was literally packed on an old medieval street which still
had some original building standing.

Prague; St. Vitus' Cathedral
Numerous Czech kings and queens were buried
here and the cathedral's spires and towers make
up the familiar skyline that can be seen from all
over the city.

Prague; Prague Castle
The castle was situated at the top of a hill and overlooked the entire
city of Prague.  You will see the castle from a different vantage point
several photos down.

Prague; St. Vitus' Cathedral
The stained glass inside the cathedral was actually
designed in the 1930s although the structure itself
dates back to the 14th century.

Prague; Charles Bridge
This was the only bridge to span the Vltava river for about 500 hundred
years.  One thing that I didn't take a photo of is the incredible amount
of graffiti that dominated up and down the river on various walls.
Prior to the downfall of the communists, it was pretty much the only
safe way that young people could express themselves.

Prague; Old Town Hall
Just off in the distance you can see Prague Castle.  It was a bit easier
to see in person and the lousy weather didn't help the photo.  From
the photo though you can tell that the castle dominated Prague's
skyline.  The photo was taken from the top of Old Town Hall

Prague; Old Town Hall
Another shot from Old Town Hall.  Look at all of the well kept ancient
buildings.  Luckily Prague was never extensively bombed in World War
II like many other cities.

Prague; St. Nicholas' Church
This church was quite a site to see at night with
its spires all lit up.

Prague; New Town
This was another area which looked spectacular at night.  Apparently
this was the area where a lot of political action took place including the
Prague Spring of 1968 (crushed by the Russians) and the more
recent 1989 Velvet (bloodless) Revolution which was obviously more
successful.  The building at the far end of the photo is the National

Prague; Vltava River
Another murky photo.  This was on a cruise down the Vltava and it
offered great views of Prague.  The best part was a Czech guide that
I only had to share with one other person.  He was an older
gentleman who could remember back before communism took hold and
it was very interesting to hear his perspective on things.

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