June 15th - June 16th; Ireland

Near Cork; Blarney Castle
Ah yes, bright sunshine!  Off at a distance is
Blarney Castle which is the home of the famous
Blarney Stone.

Near Cork; Blarney Castle
A closer look at the castle along with its abbey.  There was a bit of
line to climb up to the top but I never miss an opportunity for an
arial few.

Near Cork; Blarney Castle
At the top of the castle, there was a great view of the surrounding area.
One thing that was very nice about Ireland like Scotland was the vast
open spaces without hordes of people.  In fact, the population of
Ireland (3.5 million) is less than it was in the nineteenth century before
the potato famine.  Oh yes, I did kiss the Blarney Stone...jeez what a
tourist, huh?

Ring of Kerry
Nothing but green!

Ring of Kerry
This picture would have turned out a lot better if I wasn't in the
middle of it!

Killarney; local cathedral
This was taken in the late evening (around 10pm)
just as the sun was setting.

Killarney; town center
In the early morning hours, the streets were almost entirely empty.
As you can see, a quaint little town...with lots of pubs!

Near Galway; The Burren
The "moonscape" features of this area were in sharp contrast to the
green pastures that generally predominate.

Near Galway; Cliffs of Moher
Not a good spot for anyone afraid of heights.  The cliffs were 700
feet straight down.  You can't make out the details on this version of
the photo but the ridge to the upper left of the photo had a ledge that
you peer over.  If you slipped and fell, you would have a long time to
contemplate your misfortune before hitting the rocks below.

Near Galway; Cliffs of Moher
This is a view from the ledge (I couldn't resist).
You might be able to make out the pinpoints on
top of the cliff which are actually other people.
There were also thousands of birds nesting in the
cliffs and I needed my binoculars to see them.

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