June 4th - June 7th; England

London; Tower Bridge
This photo was taken from the London Bridge.  The structure in the
distance is the Tower Bridge.  You can also barely make out a warship.
I had been to London before so I didn't take a lot photos.  

Windsor; Windsor Castle
This was the castle which had a huge fire several years ago.  The interior
was very interesting and well preserved.  There weren't many
opportunities for photos inside. 

Windsor; Windsor Castle
Another shot of the entrance to the castle.  Hard to believe the
entrance fee (9.50 pounds) was the same as the extremely cheesy
London Dungeon. 
Salisbury Plains; Stonehenge
I'll bet you've seen these before.  This was as close as I could get
because since 1985, the perimeter has been roped off. 
Bath; around town

Bath; Roman Baths
Wherever the Romans went, Baths tended
to pop up.  This was an easy spot for them
because there was already a natural hot
spring available to them!  The waters are
still warm and British royalty used the baths
and built up the city.  You could also drink
some of the water which had 43 minerals in
it, but I passed.

Bath; around town
The abbey in the distance is the same as the one seen in the
previous photo.

Warick; Warick Castle
I had a lot of fun at this castle.  Unlike Windsor, you were free to
roam around anywhere you wanted to.  There were numerous
exhibits including a dungeon complete with various instruments of

Warick; Warick Castle
You could wander all over the place and go up in the various towers
for some excellent views.  This one is from the far side of the castle
and its entrance is at the center of the picture.

Warick; Warick Castle
This is the other side of the entrance to the castle.  I have a lot of
other photos of the castle but space considerations unfortunately
limit me to a mere three.

Stratford; Shakespeare's House
Stratford upon Avon was the hometown of William Shakespeare.
Believe it or not, there wasn't much to see and the streets were
choked with tourists.  The inside of the house featured very small
rooms with very low ceilings.  Everything was well preserved and even
his bed (the one that he gave to Anne Hathaway) was still there.

Coventry; Mediaeval Banquet
This was at a mediaeval banquet.  The food and live entertainment was
pretty good (no jousting unfortunately).  Not very sanitary because you
ate with your hands and shared "washing bowls" but still a lot of fun.
I had a chance try some mead (alcohol made from honey) which was
pretty good.  The folks hamming it up for the photo were fellow
members on tour.

York; around town
York was a quaint town at the northern most part of England.  At night,
the streets were virtually empty which helped give the town a spooky
atmosphere.  I had Yorkshire pudding (similar to a pot pie) which was
tasty and I'd love to be able to get it in the U.S.

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