Bull Shots! A
      Photographic Journal
By Miki

Summer, 1995.  Growth Stock.  Note the little bubble tummies on the baby bulls.  By next year, Alan Greenspan issues warning about "irrational exuberance". (Wink, wink).

Fall, 1999.  Established Growth Stock.  In the past few years, Alan Greenspan has issued more cautions...

"excessive risk taking" (Wink),
"significant moral hazard" (Wink, wink),
"equities are highly valued" (Wink, wink, wink),
"If the market falls...I will grant there was a bubble" (Big if, lots and lots
of winks, uncontrolled snickering).

This Bull's bubble tummy has gotten too big!  Doesn't Alan Greenspan see this yet?!

Bulls always enjoy frequent infusions of liquidity no matter how big they  get.

Bulls do not like interruptions during liquidity infusions.  Better give this Bull what he wants!

These bulls are contemplating their strategy around a Sports Utility Vehicle. Bulls really like SUVís, especially gas guzzling ones. An SUV is an essential investment tool for bulls since in-depth research is done by looking into rear-view mirrors.  At this meeting, the bulls have once again decided to put everything they have and everything they donít have into those Dot Con stocks.

A rare moment captured on film Ė a bull pauses at resistance.

One of the few cases that a bull actually enjoys getting a bear hug.

Bulls view anyone who is not a bull as strange.

This bull has tired himself out after charging along all day.  Sometimes it can be a very long time before the bull gets up again!

The "bulls" in the photos above are Holstein steers. They are one of the largest dairy breeds (and are the same breed that Gateway uses in their ads).  Domingo is the name of the bull in the photo directly above.  Alec is the name of the bull getting the bear hug and Snowflake is the light colored bull with bubble tummy. These bulls were all born in April, 1995.  Oddly enough, that coincides with when the current bull mania began. One thing is for sure...these bulls will outlive the bull on Wall Street!

Miki is a retired technology analyst, a bear who loves bulls, and an avid reader of the SuperBear page.  The photos of the bulls were taken at his farm in southwest Washington.

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